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The Hong Kong College of Orthopaedic Surgeons (HKCOS) is committed to promote better musculo-skeletal health care for the citizens of Hong Kong. One major step toward this goal is to make sure that citizens have adequate knowledge of how their spine and limbs function, and of the condition of their bones, joints, muscles, ligaments and nerves, in health and in disease.

The Public Information Committee is set up by the HKCOS to provide this type of orthopaedic knowledge to society. A Public Information Service (PIS) was conceived and launched by the committee in October 2007. The objective of this service is to provide accurate, factual and unbiased orthopaedic and related information to the public. This website is part of this service.

Written in Chinese and English, in layman's language, the content of this site is easy to read and readily available to the public. The site will be continuously expanded, updated and improved according to the needs and requirements of society. All information on this site is provided by fully qualified orthopaedic consultant specialists, usually with an international reputation in a sub-specialty of orthopaedic surgery.

The PIS also organises public lectures, radio talk shows and, occasionally, seminars on various orthopaedic subjects that the public is concerned about. These events will be publicised on this site.

We welcome requests for information or service from established organisations for purposes that are in line with the goals of the PIC or College. Interested parties please direct your enquiries through the College's secretariat at hkcos@hkcos.org.hk. We do not, however, intend to serve as a telephone or electronic doctor and will not entertain any personal enquiries.

Public Information Committee 2021 - 2022


Dr. WONG Kam-kwong


Dr. SUN Lun-kit


Dr. TSE Siu-hei, Michael


Dr. HO Sheung-tung


Dr. CHEUNG Philip

Dr. CHIU Chi-kit

Dr. FU Chun-him, Henry

Dr. HO Wing-hang, Angela

Dr. KOO Siu-cheong, Jeffrey Justin

Dr. KWOK Ka-bon

Dr. LEE Hin-lun, Richard

Dr. LEE Sung-yee

Dr. MA Chun-man

Dr. NG Wai-kit, Raymond

Dr. TSE Yun-tin, Paul

Dr. TSE Wing-lim

Dr. TUNG Kam-lung

Dr. WAN Keith Hay-man

Dr. YEUNG Ching-man

Dr. YEUNG Yuk-nam